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We are one!

Shincheonji - Frankfurt

Dive into the mysteries of God!

Shincheonji is publishing the Parables of the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven of Revelation outside of a basic course for the first time in 39 years worldwide.

We invite you to gain a deeper understanding of God's imagery through this video series, so that you can believe what God has fulfilled in our time!

Discover the secrets of Revelation

For 2000 years, Revelation has been written down in the Bible in parables. Christians all over the world puzzle over the true meaning of the words Jesus left us there.

The Shincheonji Church of Jesus is now publishing for the first time worldwide the secrets of Revelation and showing what has been fulfilled in modern times.

That sounds incredible? See for yourself!
We testify to you chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

What do we believe in?

By the fact that the fulfillment makes the work of God visible, we believe in the necessity of recognizing the words of prophecy and fulfillment.

Zion Bible Academy

You have caught fire and want to learn the Bible with us?

Drop in on our Bible courses and visit our Bible Academy, where you have the opportunity to learn and understand the whole Bible clearly, including Revelation.