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Impressions of the 100,000 graduation ceremony in 2022

In 2022, Zion Christian Mission Center celebrated the graduation of Class 113, with over 100,000 graduates.

Lee Man-Hee and the tribal leaders walk into the stadium.

"It is true that Heaven has chosen me, but I repent before God every day because I have sinned so much. I hope to be born again to become a new person. The kingdom of God is a holy heaven. All I think about is washing myself every day, becoming a new person and entering the Kingdom of Heaven. I hope for guidance."

"The entire creation of heaven and earth was created by the Word in the beginning. This Word in the beginning is equal to God, and and in the Word are life, light and creative power (cf. John 1:1-4)."

- Lee Man-Hee

100,000 graduates graduation ceremony of class 113 of "Zion Christian Mission Center "
| 2022.11.20 | Daegu, South Korea

106,186 Graduates
Korea → 63,156
International → 43,030

... of which 533 pastors

From every continent, the 12 tribes of Shincheonji came together to celebrate this event that will go down in our history: God brought together in just one year 106,186 graduates who learned the Word of the Bible at Zion Christian Mission Center: The Parables. The revelation. The fulfillment. And above all, they learned: What does the Bible have to do with me?

Aerial view of the sports stadium in Daegu, at the 100,000 graduation ceremony in 2022.
Filled stadium in Daegu, full of graduates in graduation gowns.

"Just a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed anyone who told me that faith and the Bible could be so alive, so tangible. That there are still people who have fire for it and give time and really mean it. And now I sit among hundreds of thousands of these people who prove me wrong... every day." - Jana

Graduates applaud.
Graduates release colored balloons.

"People from very different walks of life and backgrounds came together under a common cause, having been constantly confronted with prejudice, incomprehension and hatred along the way. But this did not create bitterness or resentment. Rather, it welded everyone even closer together and spurred them on. A triumph celebrated through a celebration of love, hope and peace!"
- Jonan

"As a Christian of our time, one expects everything, but that expression of divine
faith in the Word of God has far exceeded my expectations.
This sign of the times means for me the fulfillment of the oldest dream of mankind,
namely the realization of a united world, which is moving with
great steps towards peace." - Anna

Choreographer is thrown into the air during a performance.
Choreographers hold up colored fans for a performance.
Students from Zion Christian Mission Center listen to the sermon from the assembly leader.

"People all over the world have walked the same path as me and celebrated their graduation. Even in Kyrgyzstan, where my grandparents live, there were graduates. It was unbelievable. That's when I understood that my heart had finally arrived at Shincheonji. This day filled my heart so much! I wish with all my heart that more people can feel like this!"
- Julia

Recording of the graduation ceremony