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A beneficial April

Hello dear ones, 👋

I am Sarah and have been in the Shincheonji (New Heaven New Earth) church for about a year. After the exciting and thrilling time in the Bible course, where I examined the words of the parables, the revelation and the Bible in general, I was allowed to graduate in 2022 and become a part of the church in Frankfurt.

Unfortunately, there is so much hate on the internet and it saddens me to see how my community, which has become a family to me, is judged - how Shincheonji is called a cult without knowing all the background.

Therefore, I would like to tell you about life in the Frankfurt community of Shincheonji from my point of view.

Since April 2022 I am now a part of the church in Frankfurt. I also like to think back to the significant time of the Bible Course:
At that time I was looking for a church where I could get to know God better and I wanted to act according to God's will, but I didn't know how. And in this situation, God saw my heart and brought me to the course from Zion Bible Academy through loving and precious people. I quickly realized that here I could discover moving and deep things in the Bible - and finally many of my questions were answered based on the Bible.
I am grateful to God for giving me this opportunity.

Now back to the monthly review: So far this year has been very eventful - like the bootcamp in April and other exciting events and happenings I want to tell you about!

Youth Event

On the weekend after Easter, it was finally time again: the young adults of the church in Frankfurt were able to gather again for a cool youth event.

We started the youth event because our members are now spread all over Germany. Not everyone is able to come to Frankfurt regularly and have fellowship with the other young people. The main purpose of this event is to become more one as youth, to give members who live far away the opportunity to make new acquaintances and to experience strengthening in faith with the evening program. In the future, we would like to host such an event once a month, where friends and family are also welcome."

Stefan - youth leader
Temple hall preparation and decoration, before the youth event.
Board picture with notes of the participants: My life of faith, this is what I wish for myself

The afternoon before, there were already various activities such as joint evangelism on the street and a choir workshop to get a taste of the worship department. 

In the evening it finally got cozy: the room was beautifully decorated and it was just great to be there. There was a worship time to worship God. After that, two brothers and sisters shared strong word contributions that gave me a lot of strength. Afterwards, we could enjoy hotdogs and many interesting conversations. In addition, we had the opportunity to pray for each other.
I am already looking forward to the next youth event!

Restructuring 🏗️

During the pandemic, we spent most of our church life online. I am very grateful for that, because it made it possible for me to take this Bible course and become a part of the church. I have met many wonderful new brothers and sisters. But now that this Corona time is finally over, we can see each other live on a regular basis again. It is inspiring to meet new people in the church and spend time with them.

Whether it's church services, events or prayer evenings: it's so much nicer together than alone at home. That's why we've structured our small groups so that people live closer to each other and can meet more easily - to gain more strength, to better experience the fellowship among brothers and sisters. And because it's simply fun.

Online offline Drake meme

April Boot Camp Common Prayer

Bootcamp 💪

On the very first weekend in April, the church offered a "boot camp" again for a long time. These boot camps are always very enriching; they help you to focus on God (again). The times there also strengthen the cohesion - just like our motto "We are one". ☝️

In the group we did sports (which is just more motivating in community), prayed together and spent time with the Word of God, the Bible. It is so amazing to see how much strength this word gives you. Through this I was able to learn what is possible with God!

This weekend has given new strength to my heart, I am very grateful for it and I am looking forward to the next bootcamp.

Bootcamp participants exercise together to stimulate circulation.

In conclusion, it remains to say...

I am very grateful and proud to be a part of Shincheonji. Here I can try myself out and be challenged - and that is what helps me to become stronger in faith.

And not to forget: Through all this, I may experience God's help, who is always there for me.

April was a very beneficial month. Let's see what May has in store...!

SCJ - New Heaven New Earth