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WE ARE ONE, the largest blood donation campaign of all time

Rolling up their sleeves and working together to overcome the blood shortage

Just in time for the onset of winter, which always brings a blood shortage, volunteers conducted the largest known blood donation in the world at the moment and successfully completed it as the cold winter set in.

As the wave of blood shortages continues steadily due to COVID-19, the WE ARE ONE youth volunteer group donated their blood over a three-month period (August 27 - November 27). The campaign aimed for a total of 70,000 blood donations - and then 73,807 people donated their blood during that period. The number of total participants in this campaign is 100,360 people, which is already one of the largest group blood donation campaigns of all time.

With blood reserves declining greatly and becoming scarce due to the ongoing situation of COVID-19, WE ARE ONE organized a group blood donation campaign last summer to counteract the national crisis. With a goal of completing a total of 70,000 blood donations by November in preparation for winter, WE ARE ONE members actively engaged in blood donation.

The campaign took place at blood donation centers in 17 major cities throughout South Korea, so WE ARE ONE members all traveled to participate in the blood donation campaign. And as planned, over 70,000 blood donations were successfully completed on November 27.

In order for a large number of people to donate blood effectively within a short period of time, WE ARE ONE focused on matching the given circumstances of the blood donation centers and the individual schedules of the donors. Members also did their best to solve the problem of blood shortage by taking care of their health and paying special attention to it to avoid the possibility that they might not be allowed to donate blood for health reasons.

To reach the goal of 70,000 blood donations before winter, about 100,000 WE ARE ONE members across the country joined the campaign in the last three months.

Hong Joon-soo, CEO of WE ARE ONE, said, "Donating blood is the only way to save the lives of patients who need a blood transfusion. I thank the members who participated in the blood donation because they were aware of what it means to share lives and put it into action. We will continue to participate in blood donation to overcome the blood shortage and strengthen safety in society."

Meanwhile, the youth volunteer group "WE ARE ONE," which was established on July 30 this year, has become a volunteer organization consisting of young people from Shincheonji Church of Jesus.