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Home" 'We are one in God' Chairman Lee stresses to representatives of Christian denominations worldwide

"We are one in God" Chairman Lee emphasizes to representatives of Christian denominations worldwide

"We are one in God" Chairman Lee emphasizes to representatives of Christian denominations worldwide

The Shincheonji Church held a press conference on April 2, 2022, attended by over 1,500 pastors and journalists worldwide. Shincheonji's membership has been growing rapidly for years due to the simple comprehensibility and stringent logic of its teachings. Since October 2021, the church has been broadcasting theological seminar series worldwide on YouTube, which have been viewed millions of times so far. Since then, 2155 pastors, 22 theology schools, and 958 churches in 67 countries have already signed MOUs with Shincheonji Church of Jesus. The church has provided theological materials and teachers to assist other churches who are also eager to learn the words of the church.

Pastor Willifred Endohr studied theology and works as a lecturer in a theological institute in West Africa. For the past 11 years he has been leading a church with 500 members in the Ivory Coast. He is currently learning the parables at the Shincheonji Christian Zion Mission Center, about which he spoke at the press conference as follows, "My thoughts and knowledge of the Bible have been changed by the lessons I have learned at Shincheonji. Jesus and the Incarnate Word have touched my heart. After studying, I also want to preach the revealed word. I want to pass this word on to the people in my church." He further expressed his gratitude for Chairman Man-Hee Lee, "Mr. Lee could not have taught such a profound word if he had not met God and Jesus. I want to tell my fellow pastors that I have seen and verified that all the answers are in the Bible and Shincheonji witnesses those answers according to the Bible."

Chairman Lee then spoke about how he came to preach the Word of God and the role of shepherds today. "Revelation is about re-creation. In Revelation 21, the first heaven and the first earth pass away and a new heaven and a new earth are created. It is about recreating people and all creation," Chairman Lee explained, explaining that those born of God's seed are harvested and sealed to create God's new kingdom and new people at the time of Revelation.

He added, "Writing the word of all the chapters of Revelation in the hearts of people means harvesting, sealing and raising those born of God's seed and making them citizens of God's kingdom. [Therefore,] Jesus showed me the events of all the chapters of Revelation and commissioned me to bear witness to them to all the churches," he said, explaining the role of the promised shepherd today.

In his closing remarks, Chairman Lee stated, "I hope that everyone engraves the words of all the chapters of Revelation - which is the law of heaven - in their hearts. There is only one God, one Bible and one hope. We who believe in God are also one. We are one!"

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